Charge the enemy to the last breath

Shengming bu xi, chongfeng bu zhi
Charge the enemy to the last breath
1970, November
Renmin meishu chubanshe (人民美术出版社)
77x106 cm.
BG E13/564

The text below the image:
这幅画刻划了一个在反侵略战斗中头负重伤的英雄战士,为保卫祖国,保 毛主席,挣脱了卫生员的抢救,端起冲锋枪,继续向敌人冲杀。他那闪射着仇 烈焰的眼神,那迅猛扑向敌人的身势,充分表现了中国人民解放军要压倒一切 人的英雄气概,和“一不怕苦,二不怕死”的彻底革命精神。
This poster was republished by the Foreign Languages Press for export purposes. There the text is translated as:
This poster depicts a heroic fighter who, having been seriously wounded in the head in battle against the aggressors, brushes aside medical assistance and, gun in hand, charges the enemy in defence of Chairman Mao and the motherland. The burning hatred in his eyes and his forceful motion as he dashes towards the invaders fully express the heroic resolve of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army to vanquish all enemies and its thoroughgoing revolutionary spirit of “fearing neither hardship nor death”.

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