Red Coral

Hong shanhu
Red Coral
1964, June
Jiangsu renmin chubanshe (江苏人民出版社)
53x77 cm.
BG E18/47

The opera movie "Red Coral" (红珊瑚) was produced by the Bayi (1 August) Film Studios in 1961. The film was adapted from the opera of the same name and directed by Wang Shaoyan (王少岩), starring Zhou Zutong (周祖同), Wang Yun (王云), Cui Changchun (崔长春), Ling Aiban (凌爱班), Lin Donghua (林东华), and others. The film tells the story of the People's Liberation Army liberating Coral Island (珊瑚岛) in 1950. Coral Island, also known as Pattle Island, is one of the Paracel Islands (西沙群岛).

The poster, first published in December 1963, presents the serial cartoon version of the story. This is the second impression.

16.534166666667, 111.60722222222

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