Persistently do battle with morally degenerate tendencies!

Jianchi bu xiede he fuhua duoluode qingxian zuo douzheng!
Persistently do battle with morally degenerate tendencies!
1955, June
Shanghai renmin meishu chubanshe (上海人民美术出版社)
53x77 cm.

In front of a bookshop, a young worker carries two books: 卓娅与舒拉的故事 (The Story of Zoya and Shura), a Russian book about a sister and brother who died in the Second World War fighting the German troops, and 把一切献给党 (translated as Son of the Working Class), the autobiography of the Chinese model worker 吴运铎 (Wu Yunduo).
From the shadows, a man with a fancy shawl and slick hair offers him another book: 春風回夢記 (The Dream in the Spring Wind), a 1931 novel by 劉雲若 (Liu Yunruo) about a doomed romance with a 'singing girl' as main character.
In the window of the bookshop is a sign 培养共产主义道德品质, 向青年推荐八本好书 (Cultivate communist virtue and quality, recommend eight good books to the youth). Some of the books underneath can be identified. In the top right corners are signs [电]影院 (movie theater) and 职工俱乐部 (workers’ club).

Translations: Luuk van 't Hoff.

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