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Highest instruction

Highest instruction
Designer unknown (佚名)
ca. 1967
Highest instruction
Zuigao zhishi (最髙指示)
Publisher: Red Guards Shanghai Revolutionary Committee to Defend Mao Zedong Thought (Red Defence Group) "East Wind" Editorial Group (紅卫兵上海市捍卫毛泽东思想革命委员会 (紅捍会)《东风》编辑部)
Size: 37,5x27 cm.
Call number: BG C32/477 (IISH collection)

Small poster, printed on two sides (the other side is BG C32/476).
39 Caricatures of prominent Party members, specialists, scholars and other functionaries who were under attack. On the two bottom rows foreign politicians and state leaders, a.o. Lyndon B. Johnson (USA) and Nikita Khrushchev (USSR).
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