AIDS - I care, do you?

AIDS - I care, do you?
ca. 2003
Disease Control Department of the Ministry of Public Health (卫生部疾病控制司), China Health Education Research Institute (中国健康教育研究所) Beijing
42.5x57.5 cm.
BG D33/76

Long title:
Prevent AIDS - You and I, let us participate together; Equality - Care - Let life be full of sunshine Yufang aizibing - Niwo tong canyu (预防艾滋病 - 你我同参与; 平等 - 关爱 - 让生命充满阳光)
The man is Pu Cunxin (濮存昕), famous actor and goodwill ambassador in China's campaign against HIV/AIDS.
Original idea for the poster design by Beijing New Century Advertising Ltd./Fang Xiaojie; Photograph taken by Feng Qingang.

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