Long live Chairman Mao

Mao zhuxi wansui
Long live Chairman Mao
1959, November
Shanghai renmin meishu chubanshe (上海人民美术出版社)
76.5x53 cm.
BG E12/605

Daughter and mother during a 1 October Parade on Tian'anmen Square in Beijing (indicated by the 'huabiao' column top left), smiling towards the Chairman. A famous poster that would cause great problems for designer Ha Qiongwen during the Cultural Revolution: why did he not depict Mao? And why give prominence to such an elegant, bourgeois woman, instead of showing an ordinary worker?

This is a print from the thirteenth impression, January 1964 (print run 1.683.501 - 1.933.500), signed by designer Ha.

39.906, 116.391

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