Untitled ("We must still run colleges...")

Wuti (Daxue haishi yao bande,…)
Untitled ("We must still run colleges...")
1968, September
Shanghai renmin meishu chubanshe (上海人民美术出版社)
106x230 cm.
BG E15/534-6

This three-sheet poster has no title, but carries a Mao Zedong quote from 21 July 1968, "We must still run colleges. Here I must stress that we should still run physics and engineering colleges, but the period of schooling ought to be shortened, the education revolutionized, proletarian politics put in command, and the way of training technical personnel from the ranks of the workers advocated by the Shanghai Machine-Tool Factory adopted. Students must be selected from workers and peasants with practical experience, and after their study at school for several years they should return to practical production" (大学还是要办的,我这里主要说的是理工科大学还要办,但学制要缩短,教育要革命,要无产阶级政治挂帅,走上海机床厂从工人中培养技术人员的道路。要从有实践经验的工人农民中间选拔学生,到学校学几年以后,又回到生产实践中去。). Mao added this comment to the editor's proof of a People's Daily (人民日报) article, "Looking at the Road of Cultivating Engineering Technicians at the Shanghai Machine Tool Factory (Investigation Report)" (从上海机床厂看培养工程技术人员的道路[调查报告]).

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