Announcement (nr. 10)

通告 (第10号)
Tonggao (di 10 hao)
1989, June 8
Beijing shi renmin zhengfu jieyan budui zhihuibu (北京市人民政府戒严部队指挥部)
78x56 cm.
BG E17/74

Published by the Beijing People's Government Martial Law Army Headquarters (Beijing shi renmin zhengfu jieyan budui zhihuibu, 北京市人民政府戒严部队指挥部). It stipulates that the Beijing Students' Autonomous Federation (北京高校学生自治联合会) and the Beijing Workers' Autonomous Federation (北京工人自治联合会) were illegal. These organisations played a part in the People's Movement of 1989. The poster was distributed some days after the army had cleared Tian'anmen Square, and killing possibly 2,600 protesters in Beijing.

The full text:
The Beijing Students' Autonomous Federation (ie "Gao Zilian") and the Beijing Workers' Autonomous Federation (ie "Gong Zilian") are illegal organizations that have not been registered in accordance with the law and must be dissolved immediately and voluntarily.
The members of the two illegal organizations, "Gao Zilian" and "Gong Zilian", must immediately stop all illegal activities.
The leaders of "Gao Zilian" and "Gong Zilian" played an important part in inciting and organizing this counter-revolutionary riot in the capital. As of the date of this announcement, the two types of persons mentioned above must immediately surrender to the public security bureaus in their areas and strive for lenient punishment. Those who refuse to surrender and give themselves up will be arrested according to law, brought to justice and dealt with severely.
“高自联” 的头头,”工自联” 的头头,是在首都煽动和组织这次反革命暴乱的重要分子。自本通告发布之日起,以上两种人必须立即到所在地区的公安机关投案自首,争取宽大处理。对拒不投案自首者,将依法缉拿归案,从严惩处。

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