1989, 8 June
Beijing shi renmin zhengfu jieyan budui zhihuibu (北京市人民政府戒严部队指挥部)
78x56 cm.
BG E17/74

Published by the Beijing People's Government Martial Law Army Headquarters (Beijing shi renmin zhengfu jieyan budui zhihuibu, 北京市人民政府戒严部队指挥部). It stipulates that the Beijing Autonomous Student Union (北京高校学生自治联合会) and the Beijing Autonomous Workers Union (北京工人自治联合会) were illegal. These organisations played a part in the People's Movement of 1989. The poster was distributed some days after the army had cleared Tian'anmen Square, and killing possibly 2,600 protesters in Beijing.

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