A new generation controls the forces of nature

Hufeng huanyu xin yidai
A new generation controls the forces of nature
1976, November
Guangxi renmin chubanshe (广西人民出版社)
54x77 cm.
BG E18/77

The first part of the title of the poster (Hufeng huanyu, 呼风唤雨) contains a pun with the bridge that is shown. The Fengyu Bridge (风雨廊桥) is a covered bridge in Qianjiang District of Chongqing. A bridge was first built at this spot in 1591 during the Ming dynasty. It has been destroyed several times over the centuries, and in 1999 the bridge was rebuilt. On 28 November 2013, the bridge caught fire and was destroyed. In July 2017, the bridge was reopened after being rebuilt.
Rockets with chemical substances are fired into clouds to create rain.

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