Comrade Bethune's unselfish spirit, expresses his extreme feeling of responsibility towards his work and his extreme warmheartedness towards comrades and the people. Every Communist Party member must learn from him.

Bai Qiuen tongzhi hao bu liji zhuanmen lirende jingshen, biaozian zai ta dui gongzuode jiduande fu zeren, dui tongzhi dui renminde jiduan rechen. Meige Gongchandanyuan dou yao xuexi ta.
Comrade Bethune's unselfish spirit...
1968, March
Shanghai renmin jiaoyu chubanshe (上海人民教育出版社)
76.5x53 cm.
BG E3/760

The text is a quotation from Mao Zedong's In Memory of Norman Bethune, first published on 21 December, 1939.
According to the impressum the image was "Selected from the exhibition Long Live the Victory of Chairman Mao's Revolutionary Line" (选自毛主席革命路线胜利万岁展览会).

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