Salute the family members of active servicemen

Weiwen junlieshu
Salute the family members of active servicemen
Caihua diyi lianyingshe (彩畫第一聯營社), Shanghai
54.5x70 cm.

Villagers bring a visit to the family of a soldier/volunteer fighting in Korea.
The text above the door: 無上光榮 - Wushang guangrong - highest honour; the text on the right: 抗美援朝保家衛國 - Kang mei yuan chao baojia weiguo - Fight against America, help Korea, protect our homes and defend our country.
Two small banners in the background: 共产党万歲 - Gongchandang wansui - Long live the Communist Party; 毛主席萬歲 - Mao zhuxi wansui - Long live chairman Mao.
On the yellow banner: 塘栖區東?鄉 第九村農會 - Tangqi qu dong ? xiang Di jiu cun nong hui - Tangqi district East ? Township, Ninth Village Farmers Association.
On the pink banner: 向光榮軍屬到... - Xiang guangrong junshu dao... - To the honourable soldiers' families...

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