Chiang Kai-shek in various forms of propaganda and other art from the 1940s through to the 2000s, with a particular concentration on negative images of Chiang -

China: A Moment in Time. Selected Recollections Gathered in China. Project by John Regan, Claremont Graduate University, collecting recollections based on posters -

China Heritage Quarterly, previously China Heritage Newsletter, edited by Geremie R. Barmé. A publication covering recent developments and scholarship in areas related to China's heritage, culture, history and society -

Chinese Christian Propaganda Posters (1927-1951) -

Chinese COVID-19 political propaganda poster collection Marquand and East Asian Libraries, Princeton (2020) - and Chinese COVID-19 political propaganda poster collection – Posters issued by the city of Jincheng -

Chinese pop posters, compiled by Olivier Laude -

China posters online - the University of Westminster Collection -

Chinese Propaganda Poster Project at University of Victoria, Canada -

Chinese Woodblock Prints from the Communist Revolution - To the Open-Door Policy and Beyond (1945-1998), Sweet Briar College, curated by Chang Tsong-zung, Iris Wachs and Yan Shancun -

Chinese woodblock prints: Nianhua, zhima, fu. A selection from the A. E. Maia do Amaral collection -

Chris To's collection of Chinese Cultural Revolution relics -

Communism on stamps, check the CultRev and Mao's legacy sites -

Cyber Art Museum of Zhang Hongtu, offering many "faces of Mao" and other highly original art work -

Danwei, a website and research firm that tracks Chinese media and Internet (formerly -

Dr. Dennis Hickey, Handbills from the Cultural Revolution (1966-76) -

Dwight D. McWethy, relics from the Cultural Revolution -

Fairbank Chinese History Library: Rob Gray -

Jon Sigurdson's Collection of Posters 1963-1983 -

Lei Feng's homepage, showing slices of the intrepid hero's life, pages from his diary, and many other things. This site is maintained by the Liaoning Lei Feng Memorial Hall (in Chinese) -

Li Zhensheng, 'Red-Color News Soldier' (photographer) -

The Mao era in Objects. Radios, wristwatches, bicycles, money, textiles, print publications, posters and many other things, with background information -

Mao Posters - Collection and webshop -

Morning Sun, a film and website about the Cultural Revolution, by Carma Hinton, Geremie Barmé and Richard Gordon (2002) -

Nianhua Gallery by James A. Flath (University of Western Ontario) -

Picturing Power' exhibition at Indiana University with posters from the University of Westminster collection -

Political Advertising in China: Introduction -

Poster design competition for the relief campaign for victims of the May 2008 earthquake -

Princeton University Library - Block Prints of the Chinese Revolution (1911) -

Public relations, communication and interesting times in China, by Will Moss -

Rene Wanner's Poster Pages -

Republican public health posters -

'Scrapbook of the Revolution', very interesting photographs and mementoes of the Cultural Revolution -

Shanghai Propaganda Poster Art Center, Yang Pei Ming -

Sports posters (in Chinese) -

The Chairman Smiles - Chinese Posters from the collection of the International Institute of Social History -

Thomas H. Hahn Docu-Images - Historical photographs of China -

Thomas H. Hahn Docu-Images - Images from the Cultural Revolution -

U.S. National Library of Medicine, Chinese Anti-Malaria Posters -

U.S. National Library of Medicine, Chinese Public Health Posters -

Virtual Museum of the "Culture Revolution" by China News Digest International -

Webshop with recently produced Cultural Revolution style posters -


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