Praise the results of scientific development to faithfully perform our historic mission

Study well, to become better every day -- Mao Zedong

We are eternally loyal to you, beloved leader Chairman Mao

Protect the world, lasting peace

Establish a cultured city, construct a harmonious Dongcheng -- Care for the environment

Long live the great leader Chairman Mao! -- Chairman Mao delivers a report to cadres in Yan'an, 1941

Advance courageously while following Chairman Mao's revolutionary line!

[Welcome to the Paralympic Games] Welcome to Chaoyang, our dear guests

The Diaoyu Islands are China's inalienable territory

Promote Olympic Spirit, spread Olympic culture

Develop the revolutionary tradition of hard work and plain living. Hardworking and thrifty. Enthusiastically saving money

Establish a cultured city, construct a harmonious Dongcheng -- Culture, undertake a rich heritage

Strive to develop a new situation, once more bring about Chaoyang's greatness: 1949-2009

(1949-1950) The 45th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China

Dawn in the motherland

Serve as a soldier to go into battle, lead troops to go into battle, train as a soldier to go into battle

Dream of a strong army -- Make the strength of our nation known Rejuvenate China

We must permanently harness the Hai River

The Diaoyu Islands are Chinese! Chinese territory will not be invaded!

Pledge your life to defend the Diaoyu Islands

Pledge your life to defend the Diaoyu Islands

Establish a cultured city, construct a harmonious Dongcheng -- Participate in life

Cherishing peace, creating the future

Good Luck Beijing -- The 9th World Wushu Championships

Establish a cultured city, construct a harmonious Dongcheng -- Development, keep in step with the times

Report census data accurately, provide a realistic picture of the economy -- China Economic Census 2008 The Second [sic]

Establish a cultured city, construct a harmonious Dongcheng -- Contribute to society

Make our great nation proud, go all out for the development of Chaoyang: 1949-2009

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Tibet Autonomous Region

Long live Chairman Mao! Long live! Long, long live!

I love Chaoyang with my heart, I bring about civilization with my behavior

Read Chinese magazines in English

The happiest moment

Long live the great leader Chairman Mao! -- Chairman Mao in North Shaanxi, 1935

Down with the new Czars!

Welcome to Chaoyang, our dear guests

Welcome National Day, establish good behavior, promote harmony: 1949-2009

Liberate thinking, carry forward the Olympics, recreate greatness

The great Xin'an River hydropower station

Carry on the Olympic spirit, build a civilized Chaoyang

Develop the Yan'an spirit, go among the workers, peasants and soldiers

Long live the People's Republic of China

Trip of peace -- Mr. and Mrs. Xi Jinping arrive in Seattle, USA

Interior view of the Great Hall of the People -- The Great Assembly Hall

Friendlies -- Beijing welcomes you -- The Official Mascots of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

Warmly welcome the victorious opening of the Fifth Session of the National People's Congress

Safeguard traffic order, ensure traffic safety

Hold high the great red banner of the "Charter of the Anshan Iron and Steel Company", to set off the high tide of grasping revolution and promoting production

Warmly welcome the founding of the revolutionary committee of Xinxiang Normal College!

Storming the heavily fortified positions at Siping

The most beautiful love

The smell of spring is strong along the banks of the Xiangyang Canal

Chairman Mao and close comrade-in-arms Lin Biao inspecting the Cultural Revolution Army from the rostrum over Tiananmen

Chairman Mao inspects Fushun

Zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchao at the Miyun Reservoir near Beijing (In commemoration of the centenary of comrade Zhou Enlai's birth 1898-1998)

Unite to win still greater victories

The friendship between the Chinese and Vietnamese peoples is deep

Bring up a new generation for the revolution! Study Hailong District's <7 May> Middle School

Little red soldiers on Dongting Lake

Potala Palace

Art education

Gutian Meeting

A grand parade to celebrate the founding of the People's Republic of China

Strengthen faith, forge ahead courageously

Victory will certainly belong to the people of Dominica!

Chairman Hua mounts Tian'anmen, the people's leader loves the people

Happy together

For a more splendid tomorrow

Resolutely support the just struggle of the Dominican people against America to defend their nation!

Resolutely support the patriotic just struggle of the people of Congo (Léopoldville)

Love for labor is our virtue

The way of military and civil, is tension alternating with relaxation - Chairman Mao's "Talk with the editors of the Jinsui Daily"

Growing up beside Chairman Mao

Our great leader Chairman Mao on the Tien An Men rostrum waving to a million revolutionary masses during a celebration of the great proletarian cultural revolution

Summer in Beidaihe

Care about the nation, scale the highest peaks

On the tip of Orange Isle

South Lake at Jiaxing

South Lake

The hearts of people of all nationalities turn towards the Party

The site of the first general meeting of the Chinese Communist Party

1 May Parade

The flag of the republic will wave forever

Good morning, nation

A night of revelry

The people's armed forces, defenders of peace!

Recollect glorious tradition and learn the revolution's path

South Lake revolutionary memorial boat

Establish the glorious tradition of bitter struggle

Boating on the West Lake; Win-win development; G20 Hangzhou summit

Children's Palace

The booming harbor of Shanghai

Looking at the chrysanthemums

The evening of the festival

Close comrades-in-arms

A shining example - A great beginning - Chairman Mao's 8th inspection of the Cultural Revolution army

Chairman Mao's heart and ours are forever one - Chairman Mao inspects the great Cultural Revolutionary armies for the seventh time

Unite, to gain even greater victories

Battle over the Dongji Archipelago

Passing on a historical song along the banks of the Wanquan River

At the head of the Juzi sandbar

Where tigers crouch and dragons coil, the present defeats the past

Arduous years, great friendship

The premier's funeral ceremony

The workers from Daqing study the 'Two Theories', pioneers also need a beacon light

Long live the People's Republic of China!

We must become revolutionary successors

Celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party

Lake Taihu blossoms with the flowers of Dazhai

Arriving at Chairman Mao's side

The Yan'an Spirit is passed on from generation to generation

Classroom on the Huangpu River

Chairman Mao reports on the rectification at the cadre meeting in Yan'an -- PLA calendar 1985

On the banks of Yangcheng lake

Busy practising martial arts on Lake Baiyangdian

A Nanniwan along the coast

The Yan River flows for a long time, the feeling of fish and water runs deep

A yangge team arrives at the Date Garden

Study theory to promote a great drive, race against time to build the Liaoyang Petrochemical Plant

Long live the nation! Long live peace!

The East is Red - Yangjia Ling 1945

Celebrate National Day

Ceremony proclaiming the founding of the State - PLA calendar 1985

The Founding of the Nation - Souvenir of visit to Tian'anmen

Unite to achieve an even greater victory!

The Great World in Shanghai

The whole world joins in the jubilation

The Great World in Shanghai

Long live chairman Mao! Long, long live!

The return of Hong Kong, One Country-Two Systems

The site of the Zunyi Meeting

The 1936 meeting of Zhu De and Living Buddha Geda

Chairman Mao and Commander-in-chief Zhu

Pine trees and cypresses are covered in white flowers

A revolutionary movement that vibrates through the ages

The 10-mile long road says farewell to the premier

At the side of premier Zhou


Zhang Side

Ode to Yan'an

Kind guidance


The victory is at hand -- Chairman Mao, Vice-chairman Zhou and commander-in-chief Zhu at Xibaipo

Grain fills the granaries, poetry fills the heart

The Chinese Dream

Women's militia from Dongting Lake

Military Parade

A grand occasion during National Day in the Capital

A holiday on the West Lake

Workers visit West Lake

The first bridge over the ten thousand 'li' long Yangzi

Dawn on the Yangzi

Long live labor and friendship! Paying respects to the builders of the great Yangzi bridge

Celebrate the opening of the big bridge across the Yangzi

Big bridge

A bridge stretches in a North-South direction, a natural chasm has transformed into a thoroughfare

The great victory of Chairman Mao's proletarian revolutionary line - The victorious completion of the Nanjing Yangzi Bridge

The red flowers are blooming

The completion of construction of the Great Bridge at Nanjing is a great victory of Mao Zedong Thought

The night of the celebration

The magnificent great bridge over the Yangzi in Nanjing

The big bridge over the Yangzi at Nanjing

The bridge over the Yangzi at Nanjing

The Yangtse River Bridge at Nanking

The construction of the bridge over the Yangzi at Nanjing is a great victory of Mao Zedong Thought!

Great Victory at Pingxing Pass

Protecting the great mother country

An arduous journey scroll (two). Zunyi

The Zunyi Meeting

An arduous journey scroll (four). Luding Bridge

Swiftly taking Luding Bridge

The iron chain bridge across the Dadu

Swiftly taking Luding Bridge

Swiftly taking Luding Bridge

An arduous journey scroll (seven). Lazikou

An arduous journey scroll (three). Jinsha River

An arduous journey scroll (one). Ruijin

Breaking through the blockade, crossing the Wu River

Resolutely liberate Taiwan, save the Taiwanese people from their misery!

Capital Gymnasium (one) exterior view

Training the body for the revolution

The national flag is hoisted in our hearts

The pine trees of Shaoshan


Chairman Mao's former residence Shaoshan

Chairman Mao's former residence Shaoshan


Growing up in happy times

Warmly welcome another great victory of Mao Zedong Thought - the birth of the Shanghai People's Commune

Revolutionary Committees are good

Shanghai Bund

The bustling Nanjing Road of Shanghai

Shanghai Bund on National Day

Shanghai Bund

32,000 miles that make us feel proud and elated

Shanghai's Bund on a festive day

A big steamer

Great Shanghai after Liberation. Part of the Exhibition and Exchange of Local Products

The Shanghai Bund during the "May 1" festival

Celebrate the great victory of socialist transformation

Celebrating the holiday

Celebrate the great victory of socialist transformation

Shanghai No. 1 Department Store

A look at the Shanghai Bund

Learn from the Good Eighth Company of Nanjing Road

It must be our responsibility to maintain safety in the rear-area of our country!

Reverently looking up to the site of the first national congress of the Chinese Communist Party

A hundred times vigilant

The Great World in Shanghai

New appearance of the harbour

Excellent sons and daughters of China - The Good Eighth Route Company

Using music to praise reform, rejuvenating Shanghai and making the country prosperous

Chairman Mao and Premier Zhou together with us

Warmly hail the formation of the revolutionary committee of Beijing

China-Hong Kong 1997

The reddest reddest red sun in our heart, Chairman Mao and us together

Sharpen one's vigilance

Miraculous soldiers on Baiyangdian Lake

The destruction of the Jiang dynasty

Marshal Peng Dehuai inspects the armed forces

Comrades Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Liu Shaoqi and Zhu De together, large version

Chairman Mao Zedong and his comrades-in-arms

Close friendship

Chairman Mao meets with Comrade Bethune

Chairman Mao and Norman Bethune

Chairman Mao meets with Comrade Bethune

The victory of unity sings everywhere

The struggle of the brave Dominican people against America must be victorious!

A Direct Violation of the Principle of Humanity

May Fourth Movement

With you in charge I am at ease

Boundless confidence

With you in charge, I'm at ease

With you in charge, I'm at ease. Presented to dependents of military martyrs and disabled armymen

With you in charge, I'm at ease. Presented to the heads of families of intellectual youth who have been sent up the mountains, down the countryside

The Chinese government resumes the exercise of sovereignty over Macao in 1999

Carry forward the revolutionary spirit of Lu Xun

Ode to August 1

Our most beloved leader Chairman Mao and his close comrade-in-arms Comrade Lin Biao

Long live the Paris Commune. Commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Paris Commune

Jinggangshan, Maoping

Good sisters at the conference of outstanding workers

The Central Committee of the Party, with Chairman Hua at its head, unites with the people of all nationalities of the nation

Glorious example-the wise leader Chairman Hua arrives at the Miyun reservoir to participate in labor

Chairman Hua and we are of one heart

Glorious 60th anniversary 1949-2009

The waters of Honghu lake lap wave after wave

Comrade He Long in the Honghu Soviet

The Great World in Shanghai

The people's hearts are very happy

Wave of Anti-American rage along the Huangpu river

The Soviet Union is our example

The Soviet water conservancy expert Comrade Bukefu helps us to bring the Huai River under control

Zhenbao Island will not be encroached upon

Great meeting

Long live the eternal and unbreakable friendship in battle between the peoples of China and Albania!

Premier Zhou on a visit to India

Long live the unity of the peaceful, democratic, socialist camp!

Plant flowers and grasses, beautify the environment of cities and villages

Love socialism

Love the motherland

Earthquakes don't frighten us, the people will surely vanquish nature, ca. 1976

Strengthen Party leadership, correctly deploy Party and Youth League models

Down with Liu Shaoqi! Down with Deng Xiaoping! Hold high the great red banner of Mao Zedong Thought - Great Meeting to thoroughly criticize the reactionary capitalist line of Liu and Deng

Comrade Deng Xiaoping inspects the troops


New Look of Dazhai

Hold high the red banner of Daqing, to strive for new victories

The situation is gratifying

The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution must be waged to the end

We are in the process of creation

Chairman Hua ascends Hutou Mountain

Commemorate the first anniversary of Chairman Mao's swim over the Yangzi -- Follow Chairman Mao in moving forward in wind and waves!

Closely follow the great leader Chairman Mao and forge ahead courageously amid great storms and waves

Crossing the 10,000 li Yangzi River

Chairman Mao goes to Anyuan

Beloved comrade Xiaoping - on a quest in Paris

Beijing 2008 - One World, One Dream

Beijing 2008 - One World, One Dream

Beijing 2008 - One World, One Dream

Beijing 2008 - One World, One Dream

Laying the foundation

Laying the foundation

Carry out Chairman Mao's behests and carry the proletarian revolutionary cause through to the end

Hold high the great banner of Chairman Mao, carry on till the end the continuous revolution under the dictatorship of the proletariat

The shared dream of hundreds of millions of people, warmly celebrate the victorious completion of the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall

The red flowers bloom forever

Pines and willows are ever green, flowers blossom red generation after generation

Chairman Mao's mausoleum

Chairman Mao's statue in the north hall of Chairman Mao's Mausoleum

The founding of the Nation

Long live Chairman Mao

Long live the great unity of all the peoples of the whole nation

Celebrating the foundation of the People's Republic of China

The central people's government constitutes the only legitimate government of all the people of the People's Republic of China

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