Beijing Municipal People's Swimming Pool

Beijingshi renmin youyongchang
Beijing Municipal People's Swimming Pool
1955, March
Chaohua meishu chubanshe (朝花美术出版社), Beijing
21x27 cm.

The Shichahai open-air swimming pool (什刹海游泳池).
The text below left: The Beijing People's Swimming Pool was built on the site of the abandoned Shichahai. In summer, the water is fresh and suitable for swimming. During the summer vacation, many people in Beijing come here to exercise (北京市人民游泳場是就荒廢了的什刹海舊址新建起來 的。在夏天,池水清新,適宜游泳。暑期中,北京市人 民多到這裏來鍛鍊身體。).

39.933252, 116.384289

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