Five Goods

Wu hao
Five Goods
1957, October
Shanghai huapian chubanshe (上海画片出版社)
53x77 cm.

Top left:
Unity and mutual assistance is good (团結互助好, Tuanjie huzhu hao)
Bottom left:
Educating children is good (教养子女好, Jiaoyang zinü hao)
Diligence and thrift in the household are good (勤儉持家好, Qinjian chijia hao)
Top right:
Cleanliness and hygiene are good (清潔衛生好, Qingjie weisheng hao)
Bottom right:
Studying hard is good (努力学習好, Nuli xuexi hao)
The sign on the entrance says: Fifth spare-time preparatory school (第五业余补习学校, Diwu yeyu buxi xuexiao)

The rhyme below the image, on the left:
Families of workers can do a lot, the “Five Goods” are being spread everywhere, running a household diligently and thriftily makes all things flourish, contribute to supporting construction
Zhigong jiashu duo neng gan, “wu hao” xingyu chuchu chuan, qinjian chijia wan shi xing, zhiyuan jianshe you gongxian

The Five Goods campaign was aimed at women. Men were assumed to have paid jobs, and therefore exempt from such duties.

Translations: Luuk van 't Hoff.

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