Mountaineering heroes serial wall chart (4)

登山英雄连环挂图 (四)
Dengshan yingxiong lianhuan guatu (si)
Mountaineering heroes serial wall chart (4)
1964, May
Shanghai jiaoyu chubanshe (上海教育出版社)
53.5x38.5 cm.

On 2 May 1964, a Chinese team of mountaineers were the first to reach the top of the Shishapangma (高僧赞峰, in Tibetan ཤི་ཤ་སྦང་མ།, also called Xixabangma, 希夏幫馬峰), an 8,027 meters high mountain in the Himalayas.

Poster 4: the top of the mountain is reached. One mountaineer waves the national flag, the second takes out a Little Red Book, the third holds a bust of Chairman Mao.

28.35228, 85.77964

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