Support the excellent military and their family members, strengthen our Great Wall, letter of consolation

拥军优属 - 固我长城 - 慰问信
Yong jun you shu - Gu wo changcheng - Weiwen xin
Care for the dependents of service members, strengthen our Great Wall
1999, December
CCP Kaifeng Municipal Committee (中央开封市委), Kaifeng Municipal People's Government (开封市人民政府)
76.5x52.5 cm.

An existing portrait of Jiang Zemin surrounded by Party and state leaders, including some from Hong Kong and Macao (see "Jiang Zemin" - BG D25/450), on a poster used in Kaifeng (开封) as New Year gift for PLA soldiers, former Red Army soldiers, family members of martyrs, disabled and demobilized soldiers, and veterans. The text is written as personal message from Jiang Zemin.
In Chinese: 值此新春佳节之际, 向中国人民解放军、老红军战士、烈军属、革命伤残军人、转业、复员、退伍军人致以节日的祝贺和亲切的慰问!

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