Hygiene in rural villagers' environment

Xiangcun huanjing weisheng
Hygiene in rural villagers' environment
1952, August
Renmin meishu chubanshe (人民美术出版社)
53x74 cm.
BG E15/222

This poster is part of a series with the title "Everybody joins the patriotic hygienic campaign to prevent epidemics, Thoroughly defeat the germ warfare of American imperialism, " (彻底打散美帝国主义的细菌战,人人都来参加爱国防疫运动). The slogan on the right-hand side (人人都来参加爱国防病卫生运动) has been cropped.

The poster was published in August 1952. The first impression was from July of the same year.

General advice about maintaining an hygienic environment.

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