Practice birth control for the revolution

Wei geming gaohao jihua shengyu
Practice birth control for the revolution
1972, May
Shanghai renmin chubanshe (上海人民出版社)
54x78 cm.
BG E15/31

A barefoot doctor promoting birth control.
The scenes on her left and right, each including a Little Red Book, promote revolutionary activities.
On the left:
"Promote manufacturing, war preparation, and work" (Cu shengchan, cu gongzuo, cu zhanbei - 促⽣产, 促⼯作, 促战备).
"Raise revolutionary proletariat successors" (Peiyang wuchanjieji geming shiye jiebanren - 培养无产阶级革命事业接班人).
"Support worldwide revolution" (Zhiyuan shijie geming - 支援世界革命).
On the right:
"Earnestly study Chairman Mao’s writings" (Renzhen xuexi Mao Zhuxi zhuzuo - 认真学习毛主席著作).
"Strengthen the dictatorship of the proletariat " (Gonggu wuchan jieji zhuanzheng - 巩固无产阶级专政).
"Prepare for war and against natural disasters for the people" (Beizhan beihuang wei renmin - 备战备荒为人民).


Abigail Holst, Chinese Propaganda Posters in Mao’s Patriotic Health Movements: From Four Pests to SARS (BA Thesis, Emory University, Atlanta, 2016)

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