Chairman Hua at the parents' meeting of No. 166 Middle School

Hua zhuxi zai yiliuliu zhongxue jiazhang huishang
Chairman Hua at the parents' meeting of No. 166 Middle School
1977, July
Shanghai renmin chubanshe (上海人民出版社)
53.5x77.5 cm.
BG E15/454

According to a Beijing Daily (北京日报) report, on 21 March 1974, the then-Vice Premier of the State Council Hua Guofeng saw the notice that the No. 116 Middle School was holding a parent meeting at 6 pm. He immediately joined his daughter Xiaoli (小莉) who was studying at the school.

After several parents spoke, Hua Guofeng said: "Educated youths going to the mountains and the countryside, these the great instructions of Chairman Mao. Our revolutionary parents listen to Chairman Mao's words and firmly support their children to go to the mountains and the countryside. Rural areas need educated and knowledgeable youths, and knowledgeable youths need to go to the countryside. The school allows graduates to go to Pinggu County to join the team. Pinggu is a mid-level mountain area, very good, and difficult places are more conducive to training. Xiaoli is my youngest daughter, the only one by my side, I still support her to take the road to the mountains and the countryside guided by Chairman Mao."

The poster in the background: Quan Tai'an, Seeing off the children to work the land, ca. 1974

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