People's Volunteers meet Wang Guiying

Zhiyuanjun huijian Wang Guiying
People's Volunteers meet Wang Guiying
1952, December
Huabei renmin chubanshe (华北人民出版社)
37.5x50 cm.

Decorated members of the People's Volunteer Army, returning or on leave from Korea, meet steel worker Wang Guiying - 王贵英 (1917-1994). Wang worked at the Taiyuan Iron and Steel Factory, where he set production record after production record. In 1950 he was given the title of National Model Worker.
The slogan on the banner in the background: Increase production and strictly enforce economy to support the Chinese People's Volunteers - 增加生産厲行節約以支持中國人民志願軍.

37.9282, 112.5391

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