Palace Museum

Gugong bowuyuan
Palace Museum
1955, March
Chaohua meishu chubanshe (朝花美术出版社), Beijing
21x27 cm.

The text below left: The Palace Museum was originally the palace where the emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties lived. The majestic and great architecture is the fruit of the blood and sweat of the people. Now it has become a place that people of all nationalities in the country must visit when they come to Beijing (故宮博物院原來是明清兩朝皇帝住的宮殿。建築莊嚴 偉大,是人民血汗的成果。現已成了到北京來的全國各 族人民都要參觀的地方。).

39.911859, 116.390919

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