Three reconciliations, one reduction. Three selfs, one contract. Ensemble of three

San he yi shao San zi yi bao San chong chang
Three together, one less. Three self, one guarantee - Ensemble of three
ca. 1967
Publisher unknown
53.5x76.5 cm.

Liu Shaoqi, former Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev and Deng Xiaoping.
"Three reconciliations, one reduction" (三和一少) is a Mao slogan, criticising revisionist foreign policy: reconciliation with imperialists, revisionists and reactionaries, and reduction in the support of revolutionary movements around the world.
"Three selfs, one contract" (三自一包) - private plots, rural free markets, self-financing and fixed output quota - refers to Liu Shaoqi's rural economic policy, introduced after the catastrophic famine caused by the Great Leap Forward, and later attacked by Mao as 'taking the capitalist road'.

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