Band of clowns - Ferret out the counterrevolutionary reactionary elements and expose them to the masses!

群丑图 - 把反革命修正主义分子揪出来示众!
Qunchoutu - Ba fangeming xiuzheng zhuyu fenzi jiuchulai shizhong!
Band of clowns - Ferret out the counter-revolutionary reactionary elements and expose them to the masses!
1967, January
Xi'an District Northwest University General Department Red Guard Revolutionary Rebel General Command (西安地区红卫兵革命造反司令部西北大学总部), Propaganda Department of Cultural Revolution Preparatory Committee of Northwest University (西安地区红卫兵革命造反司令部西北大学总部), Revolutionary Unified Headquarters of the Revolutionary Rebels of State-run Factory 544 (西北大学文化革命筹备委员会宣传部) (国营五四四厂革命造反派文革统一指挥部)
BG PC-1967-014

Especially in the early phase of the Cultural Revolution, people are 'dragged out' by Red Guards and forced to wear caps, collars or placards identifying them as 'monsters', 'demons' or 'clowns' during humiliating public meetings.

The people on this poster are high officials in Xi'an and Shaanxi province.
Top row: Liu Lantao (刘澜涛), Xi Zhongxun (习仲勋 - Xi Jinping's father), Wang Lin (王林), Han Jingcao (韓勁, 草), Zhao Shouyi (赵守一).
Second row: Li Qiming (李启明), Shu Tong (舒同), Yan Kelun (严克倫), Feng Jiping (冯基平).
Third row: Peng Qingqi (彭庆琦), Xu Bu (徐步), Liu Duanfen (刘端芬), Cao Suren (曹素人).
Fourth row: Wu Gang (吳刚), Chen Wuyu (陈吾愚), Li Ning (李宁 - the only woman pictured), Peng Kang (彭康), Ding Jicang (丁济倉).

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