Crude oil from Daqing arrives in Yuguan

Daqing yuanyou jin Yuguan
Crude oil from Daqing arrives in Yuguan
1976, November
Hebei renmin chubanshe (河北人民出版社)
77x53 cm.

Yuguan, also known as Shanhaiguan, is where the Great Wall of China (seen in the background) meets the sea. Crude oil from Daqing is brought here by pipeline and transported further by ship. The ship in the foreground is the Daqing 53 (大庆53), operational since 1975. It is greeted by an enthusiastic crowd on the quay. In May 1982 the Daqing 53 sank on a trip from Shanghai to Shanhaiguan after explosions and fires, caused by unsafe welding work on board. Twenty crew members died.

39.975278, 119.824533

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