Summer in Beidaihe

Beidaihe zhi xia
Summer in Beidaihe
1979, October
Hebei renmin chubanshe (河北人民出版社)
53.5x77.5 cm.

Beidaihe is a coastal resort town, east of Beijing. Formerly an elite, private enclave of sea bathers, it evolved into a commercialized, modern, and leisure resort during the 1920s and 1930s. It was the favourite summer resort of Mao and other Communist Party leaders. Nowadays Party leaders still come frequently, but it is also a popular holiday destination for ordinary Chinese.


Yunxiang Gao, "Beidaihe beach: leisure culture and modernity in Republican China", Sport in Society: Cultures, Commerce, Media, Politics, 15:10 (2012), 1353-1380

39.812211, 119.480867

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