"With power and to spare we must pursue the tottering foe"

Yi jiang sheng yong zhui qiongkou
"With power and to spare we must pursue the tottering foe"
Zhongyang minzu daxue chubanshe (中央民族大学出版社)
75x52 cm.
BG E37/721

Last sheet of the series Privately encourage healthy practices, eradicate evil cults (私扬正气铲除邪教), published in 2001.

It provides images of a meeting that was convened in the Great Hall of the People by the Central Committee (CC) Organization Department, the CC Propaganda Department, the CC Politics and Law Committee, the Public Security Department, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Personnel Departement, the State Council Office of Preventing and Dealing with Cult Issues, intended for all organizations and advanced persons engaged in the struggle against the Falun Gong (法轮功, Practice of the Wheel of the Dharma). Moreover, newspaper articles related to this struggle are reproduced.

The title of the poster quotes a line from a poem by Mao Zedong,  ‘The People’s Liberation Army Captures Nanking -- a lü shih, April 1949’, a full translation of which can be found here.

39.903333, 116.3875

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