The witch undergoes a transformation

Wupo shou zhuanbian
The witch undergoes a transformation
Shanxi sheng meixie (山西省美協)
39x52.5 cm.

Children attacking and mocking an elderly woman with bound feet, a 'witch'. The children have grabbed her sacrificial tripod, fortune sticks (求签) and other tools. They are putting a white dunce cap on her head with the characters 巫婆騙人 - Deceiving witch. On the white paper held in front of her: 巫婆巫婆 快轉變 - 参加劳動 開生產! - Witch Witch, change quickly, Participate in labor and start production! The texts on the red sheets: 应必求有 - 应灵 are not easy to translate; "to answer certainly try to have - to answer quickly". The witch's old slogans?

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