Civilized, with good manners, healthy, refined

Wenming limao jiankang youya
Civilized, with good manners, healthy, refined
Late 1980s - Early 1990s?
Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Socialist Culture Management Committee (内蒙古自治区社会文化管理委员会), Hohhot Municipal Socialist Culture Management Committee (呼和浩特市社会文化管理委员会)
34.5x76.5 cm.

The text in the image:
'It is strictly prohibited to enter the dance hall after drinking, it is strictly prohibited for people with contagious diseases to enter the dance hall. In the dance hall it is strictly prohibited to smoke, it is strictly prohibited to fight, brawl, commit violence or cause trouble. It is strictly prohibited to bring guns, ammunition, daggers, flammable, explosive and highly toxic items into the dance hall. People wearing only singlets, underwear, and slippers are not allowed to enter the dance hall. Primary and secondary school pupils, teenagers and children will be politely refused to enter the dance hall' (严禁酒后进入舞场,严禁传染病者进入舞场。舞厅内严禁吸烟,严禁打架斗殴、行凶闹事, 严禁携带枪支、弹药、匕首、易燃、易爆、剧毒物品进入舞场,不准只穿背心、内裤、拖鞋、进人舞场,中小 学生、少年儿童谢绝进入舞场。).

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