The counter-revolutionary and restorationist crimes of Christianity after Liberation

Jiefanghou Tianzhu jiaohui fangeming fubi huodongde zuixing
The counter-revolutionary and restorationist crimes of Christianity after Liberation
mid 1960s
Publisher unknown
54x38 cm.
BG D25/109

A two-part series detailing the counterrevolutionary activities and "crimes" perpetrated by the Roman Catholic Mission in China before and after 1949. Both series are incomplete: the first part lacks the opening sheets; the second part lacks at least one sheet, and possibly more at the end.
Due to this, it is impossible to indicate when the series were published, where, by whom, and for what specific purpose. The last evil deed discussed, at the end of part two, dates from July 1965, during the "Four Clean Ups" movement (四清运动). This suggests that the two series were published some time in the mid-1960s.
The names of the foreign missionaries have been identified as far as possibile.

Titled "Evidence that imperialist missionaries carried out conspiracy and sabotage activities against New China" (帝国主义传教士进行阴谋破坏活动反对新中国的罪证), it provides details of the "Evidence against the imperialist missionary Ma Dinuo" (帝国主义传教士马迪懦的罪证). "In 1950, together with U.S. imperialist agents Li Andong (Antonio Riva, Italian), Yamaguchi Takaichi (Japanese) and others, they conspired to bombard Tiananmen Square on October 1 and kill Chairman Mao, the great leader of our people. This small group of counterrevolutionaries finally could not escape from the clutches of the people and were arrested by our people's government in accordance with the law." (一九五0年同美帝国主义特务李安东,山口隆一等,阴谋在十月一日炮轰天安门,杀害我国人民的伟大领袖毛主席。这一小撮反革命分子终于逃不出人民的巨掌,被我人民政府依法逮捕).

Tarcisio Martina C.S.S. (1887–1961), known in Chinese as Ma Dinuo (馬迪懦), was an Italian Catholic prelate. He was first the apostolic prefect of Yixian, then a representative of the Holy See in China. Because of his alleged involvement in the Tian'anmen Mortar Plot, he was sentenced for life by China in 1951 and expelled from the country in 1954.

The top photograph right shows the secret police searching Martina's belongings. Below that, a sketch of the planned attack, signed by Yamaguchi. To the left, the mortar and the explosives that were to be used.

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