Advance along the course as charted by the General Line

Xiang zongluxian suozhiyinde daolu qianjin
Advance along the course as charted by the General Line
1954, January
Jiangsu renmin chubanshe (江苏人民出版社)
56x39 cm.
BG D25/215

The first poster of a series of 11, published in January 1954. Although the series sets out elements of the General Line, it is more reflecting policies of the First Five Year Plan. The slogans underneath the individual posters make up consecutive sentences.

The Mao quote reads《Chairman Mao said: 'From the founding of the People's Republic of China to the basic completion of socialist transformation, this is the general line and general task of the transitional period. It is to gradually realize the socialist industrialization of the country and gradually realize the State socialist transformation of agriculture, handicrafts and capitalist industry and commerce. This general line is a beacon that shines on our work, and any work that leaves it is to commit right or "right" deviations.' 》(毛主席说:《从中华人民共和国成立,到社会主义改造基本完成,这是一个过渡时期的总路线和总任务,是要在一个相当长的时期内,逐步实现国家的社会主义工业化,并逐步实现国家对农业,对手工业和对资本主义工商业的社会主义改造。这条总路线是照耀我们各项工作的灯塔,各项工作离开它,就是犯右倾或“右”倾的错误。》)

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