American Relief Agency - Report on American relief work. 3

Meiguo jiuji gongzuotuan - Meiyuan gongzuo baogao
American Relief Agency - Report on American relief work. 3
United States Information Service
35.5x25.5 cm.
BG D25/57

The poster shows one of the 11 million inhabitants of five big coastal cities holding a food ration coupon from the American Relief Agency. The plan foresees to set up 304 medical projects, 96 support schemes, 85 unemployment schemes and 22 projects for general purposes, aiming for the creation of 1300 hospitals and medical posts, in order to increase the yearly food yields with more than 50 tons, more than 21 million mu of marginal land will be reclaimed, to absorb and employ more than 13,000 homeless people and to provide relief against famine, floods and hardship to 10 million people in countless stricken villages.

Nr. 3 of the poster set on the Economic Aid Agreement between the United States of America and the Republic of China (3 July 1948).

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