Register of heroes -- Zhang Hua

青年英雄谱 -- 张华
Qingnian yingxiongpu -- Zhang Hua
Register of heroes -- Zhang Hua
1984, September
Zhongguo qingnian chubanshe (中国青年出版社)
53x77 cm.
BG E13/200

Zhang Hua (1958-1982) was a native of Hulin City, Heilongjiang Province. He joined the army in 1977 and was a student of the Second Brigade of the Fourth Military Medical University of Xi'an People's Liberation Army. In July 1982, Zhang Hua gave his life by jumping into a septic tank to rescue an old farmer who accidentally fell into the tank. In 1982, he was posthumously awarded the honorary title of "Excellent College Student Full of Ideals and Dedication" by the Central Military Commission.

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