Three years of guerrilla warfare in the South

Nanfang sannian youji zhangzheng
Three years of guerrilla warfare in the South
2006, September
Renmin chubanshe (人民出版社)
84x57 cm.
BG E15/850

The last poster in the series devotes attention to the exploits of the CCP/Red Army forces that stayed behind in the South and covered the main troops' trek to the Northwest, as represented in the map. The photograph shows, i.a., Chen Yi, Ye Fei and Huang Dao. A sculpture by Pan He, entitled "Years of Hardship".
In the postscript at the bottom of the poster, the 70th commemoration of the Long March is used to sum up historical lessons. Moreover, the relevance of the "Long March Spirit" for realizing the goals and ambitions of the current period of modernization and reform are pointed out. Thus, the past and present are linked up.

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