Avenue of Eternal Peace

Chang'an jie
Avenue of Eternal Peace
1955, March
Chaohua meishu chubanshe (朝花美术出版社), Beijing
21x27 cm.

A view of East Chang'an (Eternal Peace) Avenue - 东长安街 - in Beijing, looking towards Tian'anmen Square. The traditional wooden gateway was demolished later in the 1950s when the road was widened.
The text below left: Chang'an Street is the most beautiful and widest street in Beijing, centered on Tiananmen Square, ends at Dongdan Archway in the east and Xidan Archway in the west, and is the main traffic route between the east and west of the city. In the evening it is brightly lit, and the working people come here for a walk after work (長安街是北京最美、最寬闊的大街,以天安門為中 心,東至東單牌樓,西至西單牌樓,是東西城的交通要 道,晚間,燈火輝煌,勞動人民工作之後,多來這裏散 步。).

39.907366, 116.41139

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