An arduous journey scroll (eight). Northern Shaanxi

万水千山屏 - (八)陕北
Wan shui qian shan ping (ba). Shaanbei
An arduous journey scroll (eight). Northern Shaanxi
1961, December
Shanghai renmin meishu chubanshe (上海人民美术出版社)
77x26.5 cm.

In October 1935 Mao's troops, reduced to 8.000 men, reached Northern Shaanxi, where two other Red Army units had established a Communist-controlled area. This 'Union of the three armies' is considered the end of the Long March. After the Long March, the Communists set up a more permanent power base in Yan'an.
Nr. 8 of the poster set An arduous journey.
This is a print from the tenth edition (January 1965).

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