Aunt Ruan Shizhuo's determination to fight

Ruan Shizhuo daniang de zhandou juexin
Aunt Ruan Shizhuo's determination to fight
1965, December
Hubei renmin chubanshe (湖北人民出版社)
53,5x38,5 cm.
BG D91/120

From the series "The brave people of Vietnam are sure to win" (Yingxiong de yuenan renmin bisheng - 英雄的越南人必胜).

Translation of the text under the title: "When the enemy’s planes attacked the region of Donghai in north Vietnam, the soldiers and people’s militia had to cross the river to reach the combat post. But the enemy threw bombs and fired rockets and blocked the surface of the river. Regardless of everything, Ruan Shizhuo bravely paddled the boat amidst the heavy fire. She brought one soldier after another to the other side of the river. She said: 'I am old and cannot hold a rifle, but I can contribute my part to the revolution'."

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