Destructive earthquake emergency response propaganda charts

Pohuai xing dizhen yingji xuanchuan huatu
Destructive earthquake emergency response propaganda charts
1995, June
Dizhen chubanshe (地震出版社)
78x54 cm.
BG E37/787

"Destructive earthquake emergency response propaganda charts" (破坏性应急宣传挂图) is a 12-poster series published in 1995. The set is bilingual: Chinese and Arabic.

Titled "Be prepared and stay calm during earthquakes" (有备无患 震时不乱), the poster shows the construction of a reservoir and dam. The engineer and cadre confer, with a People's Liberation Army officer at their side. A female medic comes rushing to them. The subtitle reads "The formulation of destructive earthquake emergency response plans and departmental implementation plans is an important measure to organize emergency rescue and disaster relief in an orderly manner and reduce losses." (制定破坏性地震应急预案和部门实施方案,是搞笑有序地组织抢险救灾,减轻损失的重要措施).

The title of the book is "Destructive Earthquake Emergency Plan" (破坏性地震应急预案).

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