Destructive earthquake emergency response propaganda charts

Pohuai xing dizhen yingji xuanchuan huatu
Destructive earthquake emergency response propaganda charts
1995, June
Dizhen chubanshe (地震出版社)
78x54 cm.
BG E37/789

"Destructive earthquake emergency response propaganda charts" (破坏性应急宣传挂图) is a 12-poster series published in 1995. The set is bilingual: Chinese and Arabic.

Titled "Investigate disaster situations and make decisions based on that" (调查灾情 决策依据), the poster shows observers and journalists interviewing victims, with helicopters in the air assessing the situation. Camera persons provide moving and still images of the destruction. The subtitle reads "Under the leadership of the local people's government in the earthquake area, the competent departments for earthquake prevention and disaster reduction work together with relevant departments to conduct investigation, assessment and rapid reporting of earthquake disasters, providing a basis for decision-making for the government to quickly organize rescue, relief and restoration and reconstruction work." (在震区地方人民政府的领导下,防震减灾工作主管部门会同有关部门进行地震灾情的调查,评估和快速上报,为政府迅速组织抢险救灾和恢复重建工作提供决策依据).

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