Destructive earthquake emergency response propaganda charts

Pohuai xing dizhen yingji xuanchuan huatu
Destructive earthquake emergency response propaganda charts
1995, June
Dizhen chubanshe (地震出版社)
78x54 cm.
BG E37/792

"Destructive earthquake emergency response propaganda charts" (破坏性应急宣传挂图) is a 12-poster series published in 1995. The set is bilingual: Chinese and Arabic.

Titled "Everyone performs their duties, rescues and provides disaster relief" (各司其职 抢险救灾), the poster shows a doctor and medics attending to a wounded victim, with his family members around the bed. In tha background, rescue work continues, with hospital tents pitched. The subtitle reads "Relevant government departments implement departments responsible for destructive earthquakes. Contingency planning, organizing on-site rescue and disaster relief work according to a functional division of labor." (政府各有关部门,实施部门破坏性地震。应急预案,按照职能分工,组织现场抢险救灾工作).

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