Destructive earthquake emergency response propaganda charts

Pohuai xing dizhen yingji xuanchuan huatu
Destructive earthquake emergency response propaganda charts
1995, June
Dizhen chubanshe (地震出版社)
78x54 cm.
BG E37/788

"Destructive earthquake emergency response propaganda charts" (破坏性应急宣传挂图) is a 12-poster series published in 1995. The set is bilingual: Chinese and Arabic.

Titled "Quickly report the earthquake situation and determine trends" (速报震情 判定趋势), the poster shows the crisis center, with experts and scientists debating the disaster in front of a "Distribution map of structural zones at the epicenter" (构造带于震中分布图). In the back, more staff studies computer print-outs. The subtitle reads "After a destructive earthquake occurs, the competent departments for earthquake prevention and disaster reduction quickly report the magnitude, time and epicenter location, and monitor earthquake trends." (破坏性地震发生后,防震减灾工作主管部门迅速测报震级,发震时间和震中位置,监视地震发震趋势).

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