Destructive earthquake emergency response propaganda charts

Pohuai xing dizhen yingji xuanchuan huatu
Destructive earthquake emergency response propaganda charts
1995, June
Dizhen chubanshe (地震出版社)
78x54 cm.
BG E37/790

"Destructive earthquake emergency response propaganda charts" (破坏性应急宣传挂图) is a 12-poster series published in 1995. The set is bilingual: Chinese and Arabic.

Titled "Implement plan and unified leadership" (实施预案 统一领导), the poster shows relief workers and medics springing into action with ambulances and stretchers, taking care of the victims. In the back, there is a discussion going on about the relief plans. The subtitle reads "After a destructive earthquake occurs, immediately implement a destructive earthquake emergency plan. The local people's government where the earthquake area is located has established an earthquake relief headquarters to organize rescue and disaster relief, resettle victims, and stabilize society. The competent department of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction work of the government at the same level is its administrative agency." (破坏性地震发生后,立即实施破坏性地震应急预案。震区所在地地方人民政府设立抗震救灾指挥部,组织抢险救灾,安置灾民,稳定社会。同级政府防震减灾工作主管部门为其办事机构).

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