Great changes -- Celebrating the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up

伟大的变革 -- 庆祝改革开放40周年
Weidade biange -- Qingzhu kaige kaifang 40 zhounian
Great changes -- Celebrating the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up
Xinhuashe (新华社), Zhongguo tupian she (中国图片社)
83x57 cm.
BG E18/139

In 2017, the Propaganda and Education Bureau of the Central Propaganda Department published a 10-poster series marking the 40th anniversary of the adoption of Deng Xiaoping's proposal to reform and open up the nation.

While lip service is paid to Deng, as well as his successors Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao, the main thrust of the series focusses on Xi Jinping, who is the subject of the majority of the posters.

The first poster presents various charts and graphs showing the increases in economic performance and other indicators of Chinese successes, including the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge.

The text at the top reads "Since reform and opening up, our party has united and led the people of all ethnic groups in the country to work tirelessly, pushing our country’s economic strength, scientific strength, national defense strength, and comprehensive national strength to the forefront of the world, and promoting our country’s international status to achieve unprecedented improvement. The appearance of the party, of the country, of the people, of the army, and of the Chinese nation have undergone unprecedented changes. The Chinese nation is standing with a new attitude in the east of the world." (改革开放以来,我们党团结带领全国各族人民不懈奋斗,推动我国经济实力,科学实力,国防实力,综合国力进入世界前列,推动我国国际地位实现前所未有的提升,党的面貌,国家的面貌,人民的面貌,军队的面貌,中华民族的面貌发生了前未有的变化,中华民族正以崭新姿态屹立于世界的东方。)

The slogans at the bottom read: 
"The path of reform and opening up is correct, and we must persist in it, persevere, and make persistent efforts." (改革开放道路是正确的,必须一以贯之,锲而不舍,再接再厉。)

"Reform and opening up, China's second revolution, has not only profoundly changed China, but also profoundly affected the world!" (改革开放这场中国的第二次革命,不仅深刻改变了中国,也深刻影响了世界!)

"China's reform and opening up is bound to succeed, and it will definitely succeed!" (中国改革开放必然成功,也一定能够成功!)

"Summarizing the experience and enlightenment of reform and opening up is not only the best celebration of 40 years of arduous exploration and practice, but also provides a powerful impetus for advancing the great cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era." (总结好改革开放经验和启示,不仅是对40年艰辛探索和实践的最好庆祝,而且能为新时代推进中国特色社会主义伟大事业提供强大动力。)


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