Famous people, famous words -- Edison

名人名言 -- 爱迪生
Ming ren ming yan -- Aidisheng
Famous people, famous words -- Edison
1996, March
Neimenggu daxue chubanshe (内蒙古大学出版社)
108x35.5 cm.
BG E13/516

"Famous people, famous words" is an educational series from 1996, presenting a number of famous persons, both Chinese and foreign, and their famous utterances. This quote from Thomas Alva Edison reads: "My philosophy of life is work. I want to reveal the mysteries of nature and serve mankind accordingly. In our short life, I don’t know what could be better than this kind of service" (我的人生哲学是工作,我要揭示大自然的奥秘,并以此为人类服务。我们在世的短暂的一生中,我不知道还有什么比这种服务更好的了).

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