Famous people, famous words -- Hua Luogeng

Ming ren ming yan -- Hua Luogeng
名人名言 -- 华罗庚
Famous people, famous words -- Hua Luogeng
1996, March
Neimenggu daxue chubanshe (内蒙古大学出版社)
108x35.5 cm.
BG E13/519

Hua Luogeng (华罗庚) or Hua Loo-Keng (1910-1985) was a mathematician and politician famous for his important contributions to number theory and for his role as the leader of mathematics research and education in China.

"Famous people, famous words" is an educational series from 1996, presenting a number of famous persons, both Chinese and foreign, and their famous utterances. This quote from Hua Luogeng reads: "Genius lies in accumulation, cleverness lies in hard work" (天才在于积累,聪明在于勤奋).

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