Famous people, famous words -- Sun Zhongshan (Sun Yat-sen)

名人名言 -- 孙中山
Ming ren ming yan -- Sun Zhongshan
Famous people, famous words -- Sun Zhongshan
1996, March
Neimenggu daxue chubanshe (内蒙古大学出版社)
108x35.5 cm.
BG E13/528

"Famous people, famous words" is an educational series from 1996, presenting a number of famous persons, both Chinese and foreign, and their famous utterances. Sun Zhongshan (孙中山, 1866-1925), also known as Sun Yat-sen, Sun Yixian and Sun Wen, is considered the founding father of modern China, both in the People’s Republic and in the Republic of China (on Taiwan).

This quote from Sun reads: "What is the biggest thing about being a human being? Is to know how to be patriotic" (做人最大的事情是什么呢?就是要知道怎样爱国).

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