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Over 200 theme presentations, with posters and texts.

New Year Prints (and chubby babies) General
Visualizing the Future
New Year Prints (and chubby babies)
- Part 2, Part 3
1 October, National Day of the People's Republic of China
National Minorities
Shanghai, Poster City
What are people doing with our posters?

Second Sino-Japanese War Before the People's Republic
Battle of Sanyuanli (1841)
Small Sword Society (1853-1855)
May Fourth Movement (1919)
May Thirtieth Movement (1925)
The Long March (1934-1935)
The Second Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945)
American Economic Aid (1948)

New Marriage Law Great Leap Forward Campaigns - 1949-1965
Early Campaigns (1949-1954)
Land Reform and Collectivization (1950-1953)
New Marriage Law (1950)
Early Industrialization (1950-1955)
Suppression of Counterrevolutionaries (1950-1952)
Elections for Workers' and Peasants' Councils (1950-1955)
Combat Illiteracy Campaigns (1950-1956)
Withdraw from the Sects movement (1951-1953)
Patriotic Health Campaign (1952)
First Five Year Plan (1953-1957)
- Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
Double-Hundred Policy (1956-1957)
Eliminate the Four Pests (1958)
Eight-Point Charter of Agriculture (1958)
Great Leap Forward (1958-1961)
- Part 2

Cultural Revolution Campaigns Monsters and Demons Campaigns - 1966-1976
Cultural Revolution Campaigns (1966-1976)
Monsters and Demons (1966-1967)
"New Socialist Things"
Revolutionary Networking (1966-1967)
Shanghai People's Commune (1967)
Revolutionary Committees (1967)
Red Sea Movement (1967-1968)
Seven May Cadre Schools (1968)
Up to the mountains, down to the villages (1968)
After the Attack (1971)
People's air defense common knowledge posters (1971)
Criticize Lin Biao and Confucius (1974)
Criticize Shuihu zhuan Campaign (1975)
Study Theory (1975)
Criticize Rightist Deviationism (1976)

Socialist Spiritual Civilization The "Amazing" Series Campaigns - 1977-....
Four Basic Principles (1979)
Socialist Spiritual Civilization (1980-2000)
- Primary School Pupils' Behavioral Standard (1987)
- Educational Series (1994)
- Patriotic Education Propaganda Poster Set (1994)
- Regulations for Primary School Pupils (1995)
- The "Amazing" Series (1996)
- Educational series (1996)
- Patriotic educational series (1996)
- Educational series (1997)
- "Four Loves" educational propaganda posters (1998)
- Regulations for pupils (2000)
Political Reform
Special Economic Zones

The Mao Cult Mao Zedong (毛泽东)
The Mao Cult
- Part 2
Aluminum Mao
Mao Slogans
Chairman Mao goes to Anyuan
Chairman Mao swims across the Yangzi
Chairman Mao's Mangoes
Mao in Silk
After Mao
Mao Pop
See also: Mao and Hua: "With you in charge, I'm at ease"

Party and State Leaders Beloved comrade Xiaoping Zhou Enlai Party and State Leaders
Chen Boda (陈伯达)
Chen Yi (陈毅)
Chen Yun (陈云)
Deng Xiaoping (邓小平)
- Beloved comrade Xiaoping
Deng Yingchao (邓颖超)
He Long (贺龙)
Hu Jintao (胡锦涛)
Hu Yaobang (胡耀邦)
Hua Guofeng (华国锋)
- Mao and Hua: "With you in charge, I'm at ease"
- The Hua Guofeng cult
- Hua Guofeng in Dazhai
- Hua Guofeng at the parents' meeting of No. 166 Middle School
- Hua Guofeng and earthquake relief
Jiang Zemin (江泽民)
Kang Sheng (康生)
Lin Biao (林彪)
Liu Shaoqi (刘少奇)
- Comrade Liu Shaoqi and the Anyuan miners
Peng Dehuai (彭德怀)
Peng Liyuan (彭丽媛)
Song Qingling (宋庆龄)
Sun Yatsen (孫中山)
Tao Zhu (陶铸)
Xi Jinping (习近平)
Ye Jianying (叶剑英)
Zhao Ziyang (赵紫阳)
Zhou Enlai (周恩来)
Zhu De (朱德)

Study Dazhai Lei Feng Lu Xun Wang Jinxi Zhang Haidi Models and Martyrs
An Yemin (安业民)
Norman Bethune (白求恩)
Cai Yongxiang (蔡永祥)
Chen Yonggui (陈永贵)
Daqing (大庆)
Dazhai (大寨)
- Study Dazhai
Dong Cunrui (董存瑞)
Fang Zhimin (方志敏)
Guo Xingfu (郭兴福)
Huang Jiguang (黄继光)
Jiang Zhuying (蒋筑英)
Jiao Yulu (焦裕禄)
Jin Xunhua (金训华)
Lai Ning (赖宁)
Lei Feng (雷锋)
- Part 2, Part 3
Li Wenzhong (李文忠)
Liu Hulan (刘胡兰)
Liu Yingjun (刘英俊)
Lu Xun (鲁迅)
Luo Shengjiao (罗盛教)
Ouyang Hai (欧阳海)
Pan Dongzi (潘冬子)
Qian Xuesen (钱学森)
Qiu Shaoyun (邱少云)
Red Flag Canal (红旗渠)
Su Ning (苏宁)
Wang Guofu (王国福)
Wang Jie (王杰)
Wang Jinxi (王进喜)
Xiang Xiuli (向秀丽)
Xiaojinzhuang (小靳庄)
Xu Hu (徐虎)
Yang Gensi (杨根思)
Yang Kaihui (杨开慧)
Zhang Haidi (张海迪)
Zhang Hua (张华)
Zhang Side (张思德)
Zhang Zhixin (张志新)
Zhu Boru (朱伯儒)
Zuo Quan (左权)

Foreign imperialists Gang of Four Villains
Foreign imperialists
- Anti-American Boardgame
Gang of Four (四人帮)
Hu Feng (胡风)
Jiang Qing (江青)
- Madame Mao
Li Jingquan (李井泉)
Lin Biao (林彪)
Liu Shaoqi (刘少奇)
Luo Ruiqing (罗瑞卿)
Tao Zhu (陶铸)
Wang Hongwen (王洪文)
Yao Wenyuan (姚文元)
Zhang Chunqiao (张春桥)
Zhang Wenhai (张文海)
See also: Monsters and Demons (1966-1967)

Karl Marx Ideological Foundations - Marxism-Leninism
Karl Marx
V.I. Lenin
Mao Zedong Thought
- Part 2
Three Constantly Read Articles
Quotations from Chairman Mao
Mao Zedong Thought Volume V
Deng Xiaoping Theory
Jiang Zemin Theory ("Three Represents")

Iron Women and Foxy Ladies Iron Women and Foxy Ladies
- Part 2
Working Women
Tractor Girls
Women as Caregivers
Women Parachuters
Entrepreneurial Women
Protecting Women's Rights
Entertaining Women
See also: Woman Warriors
See also: Women's Militia
See also: Barefoot Doctors

People's Liberation Army Women's Militia Men over Weapons - Military Martyrs People's Liberation Army
- Part 2
The PLA's self-image in 1954
The PLA's self-image in 1958
The PLA's self-image in 1960
The PLA's self-image in 1962
The PLA's self-image in the 1980s
The PLA and Children
Nine Marshals
- Chen Yi
- He Long
- Peng Dehuai
- Ye Jianying
- Zhu De
Woman Warriors
Women's Militia
Men over Weapons - Military Martyrs
The PLA and the Cultural Revolution
People's Liberation Army Navy
People's Liberation Army Air Force
People's Militia
Military Industrial Complex
See also: Women Parachuters

Soviet Union Foreign Friends
African Friends
- The TAZARA Railway
National Liberation Movements
North Korea
North Vietnam
Soviet Union
Sino-Soviet Cooperation

Taiwan - Reunification Reunifications
Taiwan - Liberation
Taiwan - Reunification
Hong Kong Handover
See also: Gallery of Chinese propaganda posters - Taiwan

Environment Nature, environment
The 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake
See also: Hua Guofeng and earthquake relief

Shaoshan Places of pilgrimage
Jinggangshan (井冈山), the area where Mao set up his first 'peasant soviet' (1927-1928)
Luding Bridge (泸定桥), crossed after heavy fighting during the Long March (1935)
Shaoshan (韶山), Mao's birthplace
Xibaipo (西柏坡), the Communist headquarters in 1947-1948
Yan'an (延安), the Communist headquarters in 1935-1947
Zunyi (遵义), where an important Communist Party conference was held in 1935

Song & Dance Arts, Culture
Song & Dance
Model Operas (Yangbanxi)
- Longjiang Song
- Shajiabang
- Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy
Huxian Peasant Painters
Great World Entertainment Center, Shanghai
"To Read Too Many Books is Harmful" - Books in Chinese Propaganda Posters

Hygiene Health, Social Welfare
Barefoot doctors
Population Policy
- Part 2
The Elderly
SARS and avian flu
See also: Patriotic Health Campaign (1952)

Sports Sports
Table tennis
Beijing Olympics 2008
- Beijing Olympics 2008 - The official posters
- Beijing Olympics 2008 - Security posters
- Beijing Olympics 2008 - Volunteer posters
- Beijing Paralympics 2008
See also: Chairman Mao swims across the Yangzi
See also: Gallery of Chinese propaganda posters - Sports

Chinese Space Program Other
Chinese Space Program
- Space Walk (2008)
Falun Gong (法轮功)
Fifth National Census (2000)
Jiefang Truck
Legal Knowledge
Regulations for Letters and Visits (2005)
The Yangzi River Bridge in Wuhan
The Yangzi River Bridge in Nanjing

Papercuts Papercuts
People of the world love Chairman Mao
I am a little commune member
Scenic spots in Kwangchow
Sacred revolutionary spots
New women
Paper-cuts of Yangchow (scenes in and around Shaoshan)
Women of New China
Silver Ball and Friendship (on table tennis)
Sacred Places of the Revolution
Chinese Paper-cuts
Buildings in Beijing

Photographs Photographs

Chinese posters from our Flickr photostream on a timeline!
People: Deng Xiaoping, Lin Biao, Liu Shaoqi, Zhou Enlai, Zhu De, Karl Marx
Things: Airplanes, Rockets, Ships, Tractors, Trains


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